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Property Hound Investments started with a belief that opportunity is everywhere but just needs to be discovered. When it comes to real estate investing, the art of finding the deal is paramount. With overwhelming competition for properties on the market, most investors turn to other means in order to acquire these money makers. Many times in the off market, investors are left dealing with wholesalers that carry an unknown fee to pay at closing that could have been avoided if investors connected directly with the seller all along. As for bird dogs, everyone knows at least a handful of vacant houses in their neighborhood, or better yet sellers themselves who would love to sell their home for a fair cash offer. Thats when the light went off. Why not create a platform for local bird dogs to connect with local investors and make it easier for everyone? Sellers are happy to get a reliable, cash, and hassle free closing with a price they want. Bird dogs get a chance to make passive income by finding deals in their neighborhood, and investors get exclusive access to local off market deals in their area. That became our mission, and the rest is history.  

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