Property Hound Investments

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Acquisition Pros, also referred to as Bird Dogs are the starting point of our Investment process. Once you are signed up on our web based app, there is unlimited potential to how much passive income you can make. Simply locate the distressed or vacant properties, upload the required details into our system to assign that property to you, and from there your job is done. If the property that you submit gets picked up by the local investment team, you are instantly notified that your deal is now under contract. If the property you found closes, you get paid a fee. How much money you make all is all up to you. No upfront costs, no commitments, just cash flow. Start earning today!

Locate Home

Search for properties that show clear signs of distress, vacancy, and need of renovations.

Upload Data

Using our portal, mark the address, take a photo, and write up details and specifics of the property.

Get Paid

Once the house you uploaded sells to the local investment team, you get paid a fee at closing.

Make Passive Income

Our platform allows anyone to make passive income right from their phone.

No Experience Needed

No past real estate knowledge or fees needed to get started and succeed.

Create Your Schedule

Create your own schedule and work whenever you want finding local investment properties.

Learn and Grow

Learn a valuable skill in real estate acquisitions and invest back in yourself.

Become a Bird Dog